Howdy fellow tail-wagging animal lovers!

Denver the Dog. Life before Denver was routine. Since he arrived every day has been full of Live. Love. Bark!

I’m Kim, also known as “Lady” in Denver’s books. I am a foster mom fail and a dog-mom to Denver and Zak, also known as Grumpy-Dog.

When Denver entered our lives in 2017, my husband and I were not in the market for adding a fur-family member. We already had our old Chihuahua, Zak, known to Denver as Grumpy Dog. I’ve always had a passion for animals, and injured birds or orphaned animals have found love, care, and compassion from me.

The day Denver arrived was no exception. Someone abandoned him on a dead end road. A bad Texas rainstorm was approaching the area, and our fields have wild coyotes in them. There was no way I was going to let a little dog try to make it on his own.

The short story is while we were going to foster Denver, we were foster fails. We decided to adopt him. Mind you; this was an empty nest couple with no plans to adopt a dog.

As I journaled his first days with us, Denver’s arrival flamed my inner spark of children’s writing.

Now our days of full of writing and playing. Every day we are reminded by
Denver of this one truth:

There are no throw-away dogs. They only need a second chance.
Denver hopes more people will consider pet adoption or fostering a pet. He also reminds everyone the love of a 4-paw is huge, no matter the size or age.

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