6 Easy Dog Care Tips

It’s always good to refresh your memory with dog care tips. You want to keep your fur-children safe and happy!

Quick and easy dog care tips

1. Do your research and know your dog’s common illnesses. Read up on what you may do when you think your dog has them. What do you do if your dog vomits? Or is constipated?

2. If you have a dog that refuses to eat, he may be experiencing some emotional or physical ailments. Monitor your dog for a day, and see if things straighten out. After 24 hours, then you need to get your veterinarian involved.

3. As much as you may be tempted, don’t give your dog or puppies real bones. Those are hard to digest and can cause bleeding.

4. A microchip implant is a great investment if you don’t want your dog to get lost. This is especially useful if you often take your dog’s collar off.

5. Chocolate may be good for you, but it can be fatal to dogs. Make sure your dog doesn’t accidentally eat any!

6. Try to be sensitive to your dog’s behavior and moods. Dogs also get stressed so try to cheer up your fur-baby when you think it’s lonely.


What are some of your favorite tips?