Adopting a new dog and making sure your dogs will get along

Adopting a new dog and making sure your dogs will get along was my biggest, great fears. It’s why I put my husband on hold for two years from my retirement. I had always told him that when I quit corporate America, I would let us get a new fur-baby. I lied. We didn’t. All because I was afraid of how our old dog would react with a new addition. Zak is a grouchy, cranky and not fond of any strangers 4-legger. He’s also crotchety.

We didn’t do the things I’m about to explain to you in the correct order. I truly think we got lucky. So, here’s all the information I had at my fingertips for ‘when we were ready to add a new dog to the household.”

Steps to add a new dog to your household and making sure your dogs get along

It’s best you match the new dog’s personality with that of the current dog. We didn’t. Denver is a spunky and young, Zak is old, slow and grumpy. Somehow, it’s working.

One of the first things you need to do is find out if your current dog and the new pooch are compatible breeds. Certain breeds of dogs get along with other breeds while some do not. Call your veterinarian and they can help you figure that out. Denver is an All-American Heinz 57 Mutt. We haven’t had a DNA test done yet to determine his breeds.

Age is also a factor. An older dog may not adapt well to a young dog brought into the home. On the other hand, two dogs the same age may tend to be competitive and cause damage around the house. It’s a 50/50 chance for you and your family. But, I think it’s worth it!

Another important thing you can do to ensure the new dog will get along with your current dog is to spend supervised time together. This step is not foolproof. But, it’s important they do spend time together supervised. After 50 days, we were finally able to leave Denver and Zak alone together.

By taking these steps you will be able to add a dog to your household that is a perfect fit for you, your family and your current fur-baby.