Creative and Recycled Toy for Your Dog

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In this day of DIY and recycled goods, you can make creative and recycled toys for your dog. I won’t say I’m not tempted to by new, flashy and cute toys for Denver. But, sometimes the simplest of toys made him happy.

Let’s look at one simple and entertaining toy for your fur-family.

Making a sock-ball for your dog

Supplies Needed:

  • One tennis ball
  • One sock

Here are your simple instructions:
Stuff the tennis ball into the toe of a sock, wrap and knot it at the ends. It makes for a good, recycled toy your dog will be less likely to chew or destroy. You know what’s crazy?  An every day tennis ball is of no interest to Denver. But, a ball in a sock!?  Well, that’s a whole new playing adventure for Denver. And for me, it’s a good use for those unmatched socks, too!

The sock-ball toy you make is a three-in-one toy for you and your fur-baby. It rolls, bounces, and is a tug-toy, In addition to being cheap, it’s safe. As I look at the destuffed, desqueaked, and flat, with some of the fur missing sheep toy I am reminded: Some of the more expensive toys in the pet store we’ve purchased so far are cheap and fall apart in one day. The sock-ball has been durable.

Another option is to replace the tennis ball with old, stray socks. This has been Denver’s favorite toy. He think he has something sneaky, and I had a place to put all those socks I couldn’t find a match for.

When it comes to the ball and sock toy or a socks and sock toy, simple is better – in cost, safety, and entertainment value!

What are some of your fur-baby’s favorite toys?

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Kim and Denver