Great gifts for your dog family

Great gifts for your dog family
Are you looking for great gifts for your dog family? Those furry 4-leggers aren’t just pets if you are anything like me. Your dogs are family, babies, companions and much more. Many folks choose dogs because of the unique and loving relationship that grows between the 2-legger and 4-legger. After having a dog for a while, many owners can’t imagine life without their 4-legged family member.

The two most important gifts for your dog

Just as you show your human family and friends love and appreciation through gifts and personal attention, you can show your fur-family how much you love them by doing the following things:

Spend quality time together
Give him a few special gifts that are perfect for dogs

Remember this important thing, though. There are no amount of chewies or toys that can ever take the place of your affection and attention. Make sure to spend time with your fur friend daily and let him know how important he is in your life! And get ready. If you had an old dog in the house and you add a young whippersnapper, you as the owner are going to be moving much more than you did before! That’s one thing we learned when Denver found us.

Great gifts for your dog family

Dogs love to play games, so one of the obvious gifts for your is a ball or a toy he can play with by himself or with you. Denver loves squeaky toys. But, you will have to use caution. Those squeakers become a goal, and there is the danger of your dog chewing the dickens out of the toy to reach the squeaker. Be sure to inspect toys regularly, especially after playing.

Another favorite gifts is a rope toy that allows your dog to chew without ruining your favorite shoes. But, remember, to lessen temptation keep shoes out of reach from your 4-leggers. You can also use the toy as a tug-of-war game with your furry one. While our little Zak was never fond of that exercise, it’s a favorite of Denver’s. Daily. Multiple times.

A good gift choice during the Summer is a hard plastic pool filled with water. Your pooch can splash in the water, and it will help keep him cool. During the Fall, Winter and Spring you can fill the pool with sand to provide a digging spot for your fur friend, too! Denver arrived on New Year’s Day, and it only took him a couple of days before he found his place for digging fun. Of course, the sandbox was for grandson, but our new fur-baby loved it, too!

Show your dog how important he is by spending regular play time with him, and the two of you will be best buds for life!